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Reviews for Big Q's Car Service in Jamaica, New York

My immediate cab company closed down for no apparent reason. I'm sadden by this because it was literally a block up from my house. A block up for crying outloud!!! I had no idea what cab company I would use if I was ever running late or if someone was visiting & needed a ride to the airport.
I was researching different companies on Yelp & saw an ad for Big Q Car Service. Although some of the reviews were not the greatest I took a chance because I needed a company that wasn't too far from my house. I called yesterday to reserve my car for 10:30am today. They quoted a $30 charge for pickup from my house to LaGuardia Airport.
I called again this morning at 10am to confirm my pickup as scheduled yesterday. The dispatcher placed me on hold briefly to check the reservation. He confirmed my 10:30am reservation.
My auntie & I heard a horn honk at 10:24am. I went outside to see if it was the cab she needed. Indeed it was. I'm grateful that he was early. I didn't have any issues as per the other reviewers had stated. However, I wish the cab driver would've called to let me know he was outside. What if we didn't hear the horn & missed the scheduled pickup because he didn't call.
The cabbie was very helpful & patient. He helped us with her luggage & seemed to be genuinely nice.
Thank God for Yelp because now I have a cab service I can recommend to others
These guys made sure I got home OK when a creepy guy was following me down the street. Thank you!
I've had one experience with Big Q Car Service, and many experiences with a competitor (begins with a K). I've had a range of experiences with the Queens competitor who begins with a "K" (some straight out of a bad movie), but let's just say "K's Car Service" is overpriced and filled with attitude and I am done with them mostly because of their inflated prices. So, after reading many reviews of other car services, I recently called Big Q because people were saying their prices were very reasonable. I needed a round trip to see a new doctor. Both drivers were very professional, and drove safely. The vehicles were spotlessly CLEAN, this is very important to me.
The vehicles also seem relatively new, and perhaps are hybrids, which may allow Big Q to use less gas and then pass on this savings to their customers in the form of lower fares. If so, I applaud them for this, and it will also give them an edge over their competitors, ensure they gain valuable loyal repeat customers, and allow them to expand their fleet and grow their business, as long as the service remains of high quality.
On the return trip, it was rush hour, and the driver knew his way around and how to avoid some of the worst traffic, but this did not increase the price I was quoted when I first called for the round trip quote. The cost of the ride to the doctor was the same as the cost of the ride home, and the drivers did not deviate from the quote the dispatcher gave me, even though one of the drivers called the dispatcher to confirm the quote. Consistency between the quote given by the dispatcher, and the amount the driver charges is very important, and this was my experience.
Both drivers arrived on time (even a bit earlier than I expected) and did not seem rushed at all, in other words, they treated me like a human being, not just a job. They waited patiently for me to get out of the house, and out of the doctor's building. After I was dropped off directly in front of the doctor's building, the driver told me to call when my appointment was finished and to remain inside the building. I called from inside the doctor's waiting room for the return trip and was again told to remain inside the building because the return driver would call me. The return driver called as soon as he arrived and waited patiently while I got on the elevator and came downstairs.
If the bad reviews here are the result of Big Q hiring bad drivers, then I hope they have replaced those drivers. A good driver will ALWAYS get a good tip from me! For my future reference, I called to find out what the cost of a trip from the eastern most part of northern Queens to Columbia-Presbyterian medical center would be, in the future possible event that I don't feel well enough to take the LIRR and deal with the subway in the summer heat. The dispatcher quoted $65.00 each way. I feel that is very reasonable, especially considering the excellent and extremely polite and professional service and very clean vehicles. They are a 24/7 operation.
Note: If you get a dispatcher with a strong accent that you cannot understand, just be polite and ask him to speak more slowly. I had to do this (just once), and he spoke very clear English.